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【淡江大學】99-B7 光動力太空飛行的應用

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計畫編號: 99-B7









This project mainly discusses the optical powered space travel, especially focuses on the application of optical pressure. The current state of utilizing optical energy concentrates on the solar panel, which provides the spacecraft with various kinds of energy by transforming the solar optical energy into electric energy. However, the efficiency is very low due to too many energy transformations. On the other hand, the thrust of the spacecraft cannot be provided by the solar energy directly. We still have to bring the conventional chemical fuels in order to produce thrust. The newest researches discuss how to make use of optical pressure for the production of thrust, named “solar sail”. This project, based on the researches of solar sail, is to investigate, but not limit to, the potential methodology that unifies “solar sail” and “solar cell”, which can reduce the weight of a spacecraft. Moreover, we are to investigate the potential new methods of utilizing optical energies, so that the spacecraft can be fully driven by optical energy. This project provides not only the opportunity of exploring new types of power for space travel, but, most important of all, the opportunity of developing cross-discipline talents – students with scientific background can touch how Physics is applied to engineering, while those with engineering background study the basic Physics, such as electromagnetism, optical physics, quantum mechanics and so on.

Keywords: Solar sail, Optical physics, Orbit Mechanics, Navigation, Guidance and Control, Avionics

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